Celebrating 400 Drivers:  The Journey to Best in Class

The Dallas Standard Logistics team celebrates reaching 400 drivers

As Standard Logistics marks the significant milestone of reaching 400 drivers, we pause to reflect on our remarkable journey. From 300 drivers to 400 drivers, our fleet has driven over 30,000 miles, served over 100 fleet customers, and delivered thousands of loads. These numbers, impressive as they are, only tell part of the story.

Inside the Journey

The journey isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the people who made it all possible, which starts with finding the right people. Recruitment Coordinator, Juanita Ramey sheds light on the blend of strategy and agility that drove such exponential growth, “The journey from an average of 165 drivers at the end of 2021 to 400 drivers in 2024 has been a fast but smooth rise. Our strategic approach to talent acquisition and agile onboarding processes have been instrumental in navigating market changes and meeting growing business needs,” she notes. This approach is crucial, especially in a highly competitive market where recruiters must efficiently move drivers through the vetting and hiring process while maintaining high levels of customer service, attention to detail, and a strict adherence to DOT compliance. It’s a balancing act that’s produced quality drivers and attracted even more to Standard Logistics. 

Embracing Technology

With growth, however, comes the inevitable technological challenges and growing pains of an expanding company. Ratinder Sadhu, Digital Solutions Manager, reflecting on those initial obstacles notes, “We faced the challenge of introducing new technology and changing processes.” This challenge was met head-on through a partnership with a vendor’s IT team that was pivotal in co-developing solutions that enhanced efficiency and technological capabilities. Collaboration and proactivity continue to be key drivers to overcoming obstacles and leveraging the best technology for advancement. Volker Bargenda, President of Standard Logistics, concurs adding, “Technology has been instrumental in scaling up to 400 drivers. It empowers our leadership to make strategic decisions to identify growth areas with precision.”

Looking to the future, Ratinder envisions a path where technology continues to play a key role. “Adapting alongside technology is critical in propelling our growth beyond 400 drivers. From operational efficiency to sales strategies, technology is ingrained in our operations, empowering us with the tools to optimize processes and ensure seamless operations.”

Pathways for Growth

As the team expanded, so did opportunities for growth. Embodying that trajectory, Abi Lemus from the Dallas Maintenance Team was one of the first Standard Logistics drivers. He parallels his personal growth with the company’s. “From 34 drivers in Dallas and Ennis to the explosive growth we see now, going from a driver to a lead to working with maintenance, I’ve grown as the company grew.” His journey embodies the developmental pathways that Standard Logistics fosters for its people. “The growth has enabled many to pursue their career goals,” says Volker. “We had several drivers that moved into supervisor roles, it’s awesome to see that we can provide these types of opportunities for them.”

The Road Ahead

There’s an optimistic spirit about the company’s future as Volker shares, “We are still in the early stages. There’s so much room for us to continue to grow. Evaluating new opportunities for adding more drivers in new and existing locations is a constant process. Our commitment to being customer-focused and employee-driven opens continuous opportunities for growth.” It is a reinforcement of the Standard Logistics philosophy of sustained and meaningful expansion. Alvin Cannon, an Asphalt driver in Dallas expresses with gratitude that “there has been a lot of expansion, better equipment, better tankers and pneumatics” and is eager for the growth to come, from drivers to sales, and management. It’s clear the collective experience and vision of teams forms the backbone of Standard Logistics’ success. 

As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to being best-in-class, employee-driven, and customer-focused remains unshakeable. We look ahead to the future, ready to embrace what’s next.